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Category: Wash Down Guns



 Stainless steel high flow spray head, white with red protection, 1" BSP male inlet.


This sprayer is characterised by a very high flow and strong jet at low pressure. At 2 bar, the flow is about 200 l/min and rises to about 370 l/min at 7 bar. That makes it an ideal sprayer for rinsing large surfaces in a short time.

The nozzle has a 1" BSPP male threaded connection with conical seal and can be opened and closed by turning the head. The spray angle can also be accurately set by turning the head.


Technical specifications:

  •  Weight of 726 gram
  •  Dimensions (LxD): 120 x 79 mm
  •  Material: Stainless steel (AISI 304), POM and EPDM
  •  Material of screw: Stainless steel (AISI 304)
  •  Maximum pressure: 7 bar
  •  Maximum temperature: 40 °C
  •  Connection: 1" BSPP male, 60° conical seal


Truck cleaning, ship cleaning, tank cleaning, yard cleaning, etc.




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