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Improved foam gun

Please find here some important news regarding all our foam guns, both with ½" male threaded outlet and with quick coupling outlet. They exist in brass, chrome plated brass, polyamide and stainless steel (examples shown in pictures below).

We are proud to introduce to you the improved versions of this product!

What is the improvement?

You will not notice anything different from the outside since the improvement is purely on the inside. We have increased the free passage for the foam considerably. Because of this, the quality of foam which comes from the gun has improved a lot. Therefore, these foam guns have become even better than they already were! Once your customers have experienced this, they will be very pleased. So please make sure they check it out!
New reference numbers
The improved versions will have new reference numbers. Where all article numbers of the old model ended with ...'1-B', all new article numbers end with ...'2-B'. For example, the stainless steel reference AKRL001-B has now become reference AKRL002-B.
Also, the spare parts (spring, nozzle shaft and hexnut with 1/2" male outlet) for the new versions will be available under new reference numbers which end with ...'2'. For example, the stainless steel spare part set RESAKRL has now become reference RESAKRL2.
We trust to have served you well with this information. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you.


Introduction of two new sustainable cleaning guns

We proudly present to you two new cleaning guns which we have named the Blue King and the Blue Princess. These guns stand out for their ergonomics, reliability and water saving characteristics and are perfect for general cleaning purposes. 

Both cleaning guns are of the highest quality and offer much comfort to the user, have great cleaning power and save a lot of water with respect to common spray guns. The Blue King is our top brass spray gun which saves 16% of water, whereas the Blue Princess is an economic model which saves 26% of water.
Apart from saving water these spray guns offer some other nice features which are outlined in the product sheets which can be downloaded on the product page under "attachments":


Product page AKMNP11-B (KING)                            Product page BMTF001-B (PRINCESS) 


These new spray guns are now being launched by us on the market and they are readily available. Samples can be ordered against special discount. Do check them out!


Lightweight Spray Head

The lightweight spray head is a strong, easy to handle tool for cleaning and rinsing at high maximum flow. 

It will be positioned next to our full metal heavy duty spray heads and is meant for users for whom a lighter weight and/or lower cost is more important than the strength of the product.


Technical specification:

•Only 260 gram in weight

•Length 239 mm

•Comfortable ergonomically shaped grip

•Grip and head made from polypropylene in blue colour

•Nozzle made from brass

•Maximum pressure 16 bar

•Maximum temperature 50 °C

•Adjustable spray pattern from wide (soft) to narrow (strong)

•The spray head can be closed completely by turning the head

•Connection ¾" BSP male


Article code: AKNSH01-B


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