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Introducing AKBO

AKBO, founded in 1992, is a flexible company, specialised in the development and production of heavy duty, low pressure spray guns in brass, chrome plated brass, aluminium, plastic and stainless steel. The products are characterized by their high durability and ease of use. 

For many years we have been supplying our large range of spray guns to resellers in more than 25 countries all over the world. Next to that we have been developing and producing spray guns matching specific customers' requirements. Over the years we have become a provider of the widest range of low pressure cleaning guns. Besides the cleaning spray guns, all possible accessories are available, like swivelling hose tails, ball bearing swivels, hose racks, hose reels and food quality hoses equipped with all possible adaptors.

On this website you will find all our products and its descriptions in different languages. Next to that you will be able to download our new catalogue, in which you can find all products with pictures and technical information.


Are you a reseller?

For more than 20 years AKBO has been a successful manufacturer and supplier of low pressure cleaning equipment. We are known for the quality of our products and vast product knowledge, which enables us to support you in your sales efforts. We export to many countries worldwide. 

For you as a reseller, it is good to know that AKBO:

- does not sell to end users.
is a reliable partner; with many companies we work 10+ years.
- has extended product knowledge.
- has a large stock and an excellent logistics network. This allows us to deliver quickly.
- is focused on service and providing in solutions. Upon request, we can produce private label and make customer-specific adaptations.

Are you interested? Download our catalog or send us an email.

Are you an end user?

Why choose AKBO?

AKBO does not sell to end users, but still you can buy our top quality products. 
For more than 20 years AKBO has been a succesful manufacturer and supplier of low pressure cleaning equipment. Our products meet the toughest requirements for professional use. Together with partners we sell our products all around the world. 

Are you interested? Download our catalog or send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where to buy our products.


Introduction of Twister series nozzles

You may be familiar with our high flow nozzle (reference AKRSHHH1-WR), which we introduced to the market last year. This powerful nozzle is well appreciated by customers, but is limited to a working pressure of 7 bar. Because a pressure class of 16 bar is required for certain applications, we have recently been working on a product change, which makes the nozzle suitable for use up to 16 bar working pressure.

Because there appeared to be interest in the market for similar spray heads in smaller sizes, we decided to introduce a ¾" version (the TWISTER-L) and a ½" version (the TWISTER-M) as well.

All TWISTER nozzles are made of stainless steel 304 and impact resistant POM. They are extremely robust and suitable for heavy industrial use with a need for a high water flow. The link below will take you to the date sheet with the technical data of all models.

All models of the Twister series are currently available from stock. Prices are available on request.


Please click here for the technical datasheet. 



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